Monday, January 19, 2009


Back again, but we don't have many new things to tell about. The most exciting happening lately is that that the obedience & agility training classes has started again every Sunday after the Holiday break over x:mas. As mom hope that London shall be pregnant, she does not take her to the classes now. London easily becomes car sick so mom does not want to stress her with that or give her medicine now.

So..., now it is me (Fanny) who goes to the agility, I love it and run and jump very fast and do everything so well that everybody tell me how good I am! I hope mom will be able to make some pictures soon to show you here. Until then you can see me and Angel below helping dad with the crosswords... Goodnight!


Cool Design Shelties said...

Yes, shelties are so smart ....crossword is so easy for a sheltie :o)


Anonymous said...

You're a smart girl, Angel :) We think our Mom really needs some help with the Sudoku!!!!