Sunday, January 25, 2009

Walk today...

Today was finally nice warm weather again, after a week with storm and very chilly! We went for a long walk around "our" fields, and mom manged to make us sit all together so long so she could use her phone and take a photo! We think we are very pretty!

From the left: Fanny, London, Angel and finally our Danish friend Mic!


Anonymous said...

Wow! We didn't know you could take such good pictures with a cellphone :) You look very happy!

Laureate said...

You have been tagged:

What you have to do is,

Open a document or file folder,
Click on the fifth folder and then the fifth photo.
Post the photo and describe it.
Then tag 5 other bloggers.

Have fun, Kim

Lotta said...

We are very happy when we are allowed run run around and play! The cell phose is a Sony Ericson with a nice camera in. If you go to the Caravan Hounds blog (linked from our page), the picture a bit further down with the afghanpups at the top of a heap is taken with the same cell phone! It is anice picture too, even if no shelties on it... :-)

Mont'Alves said...

Hi Lotta, nice pic.

I have sent several people your way for shelties. AHve you been contacted ?