Saturday, January 10, 2009

Happy New Year!

Hello all friends!

We shelties have been very busy since the last update! It has been Christmas and New Years Eve and also several dogshows and lots of things has happened!

First of all: we have got a new friend! His name is Mic, he will stay here for a while, he is very cute and Londons boyfriend. Hopefully they will have babies around March 1st! It is very exciting! You can see him at under Shelties - Visitors and his real name is Wynset Meet The Press.

Then Fanny and Mic has been to dog shows, and they won all that they could:

Fanny: 4 CAC's, 2 CACIB's, 2 x BOB's and 3 BOS at 5 shows. At the first she wasn't old enough to get the CAC/CACIB, so she got the BOB and then Best In Group 2nd Junior at the show! We are very proud of her! Below is Fanny winning her Group 2nd:

Mic: 4 CAC's, 2 CACIB's 3 BOB's and one BOS at 4 shows! His mom back in Denmark is very proud too! He is born in the US, but now he lives in Denmark. Here is a photo of mom and Mic at one of the shows:


Cool Design Shelties said...

Congratulations to all the wonderful results. Sending an extra greeting to half Danish Mic :o)

Best wishes

Windsor Shelties said...

Congratulations on your wins

Anonymous said...

Congratulations guys, looks like you've had a busy time!!!

Shetla said...

Hej Lotta! Nøj, hvor herligt at finde din blog. Længe siden!
Ser at du stortrives i Spanien. Ville ønske jeg havde nået at se Mic live inden han rejste, men han kommer vel hjem igen til DK på et tidspunkt.
Skønne billeder af hundene der leger.
Mange hilsener fra Nanna