Friday, September 24, 2010

Lisita & Tuco have had their agility debuts!

Lisita No 1

The last couple of weekends Caravan Chasing Shadows (Lisita) and her owner Mara, and Caravan Como Tu Tuco "Tuco" with his owner Macu have had their agility debuts! They are both very good! Lisita already earned her first 2 points in Level I at her first two competitions. She need a 3rd point to move on to Level II.

Video of Lisita:

Videos of Tuco:


Patti and DeBoys said...

Great Job...Fantastic DEBUTS! We just hope when it is our turn to debut, we do just a good.

Lotta said...

Thanks Patti,
Good luck to you, I am sure you will do well!