Friday, February 26, 2010

1 year!!!

Tomorrow February 27th it's already 1 year since the puppies in the C-litter was born. Proud father is "Mic" - Wynset Meet The Press and mum is "London" - Shadowbrook's Picadilly Circus. There was 2 females (Jolie & Lisita) and 5 males. 1 bluemerle and the rest tricolor. All of them have names from songs.

Happy Birthday!
Caravan Como Tu Tuco

Caravan Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep

Caravan Crying In The Rain

Caravan Chasing Shadows

Caravan Cherry Cherry Baby

Caravan Crash Boom Bang

Caravan C'mon C'mon

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Yngve og Beate said...

Thank you and congratulations to my sisters and brothers. Wish I could celebrate with all of you. I really love snowy Norvay, but my mother Beate is now longing for spring so we can do our agility training outside.
Beate will put some pictures in our blog later today

Hugs from Piwo