Sunday, March 8, 2009

New family members!

Lots of things has happened since last week! Dad went to the US (New York) with Yess, so now I have only one afghan to chase. We all miss Yess a lot.

But then we have got 3 new friends instead. Dad brought them from the US when he came back from the trip. You can see them here to the right. If you click their pictures, you come to their own pages at the Caravan homepage. They have all been living at the same kennel as Angel and London, so they knew each other from before. Aries and Angel even were a couple earlier, and have babies together, so he was very happy to meet her here!

Mic has gone back to Denmark, his Mom missed him a lot, and he has some girlfriends waiting for him there, so I think he is excited to come home!

Until next time I will ask Mom to make some photos of all us Shelties playing together. Except London of course, as she is taking care of her babies and don't want to play. I'll try to get some new pictures of them too...

Bye, bye!


Cool Design Shelties said...

Congratulations with the new members of the family :o) They are looking great....god luck with them :o)


Mont'Alves said...

Hi Lotta congrstulations on the new additions.

I need to take a very CLOSE look to the tri male :)